Industries Served

Automation has become a large part of modern-day industry.  From automotive production, purifying water, manufacturing of goods, packaging, shipping and so many others, there aren't any industries that don't have some form of automation involved.  At Twin City Automation Solutions we have the highly skilled and experienced technicians to ensure your production times stay low and productivity stays high.

In a bind and need services outside of standard business hours?  We offer emergency services to ensure that no matter your situation, your facility stays up and running.  To learn more about our emergency services, visit our Services page or contact us today!

Food & Beverage Industry

Whether your packaging needs are for flexible packaging or for more solid options, at Twin City Automation Solutions we have the experience and means necessary to ensure your productivity stays up and on time. Whether you need PLC/HMI solutions for labelling to stretch and shrink wrappers, blister packagers, vacuum formers, baggers, case packers, stackers, conveyors, palletizers and so much more, we can help. To learn more, contact us today!


Water Treatment Facilities

Clean water is the backbone of modern society. Over the years, automation has made it possible to make this process more environmentally efficient. If you need changes to your processes or assistance with diagnosing issues with your system give Twin City Automation Solutions a call.


Agricultural Automation

Modern farming is what has allowed us to flourish as a society. Automation and industrialization came to this industry naturally. From ensuring your grain elevator stays functional and in-sync with the rest of your operation, to keeping production active at animal feed plants, ensuring dairy facilities stay active, and so much more. At Twin City Automation Solutions, we have highly skilled and experience technicians to ensure that you stay productive.


Landscaping Supply Manufacturing

Automation plays an important role in the production of landscaping materials such as mulch, sand, rock, redi mix concrete etc… Whether you are looking to install new equipment or improve the efficiency of your current equipment, Twin City Automation Solutions are the experts. Give us a call today!


Pharmaceuticals & Medical Device Industry

The pharmaceutical and medical device industry has greatly benefited from automation. Let Twin City Automation Solutions take a look at your current applications for improvements, or if you have new processes that need to be developed give us a call!


Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is heavily automated. From robotics painting, welding, or assembling an automobile to material handling systems, Twin City Automation Solutions have tools and resources to improve your processes or develop new solutions to get your product moving.